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Hampshire Secondary Assessment & Curriculum Model Project Groups

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Hampshire Secondary Assessment & Curriculum Model Project Groups
by Katie Scott - Wednesday, 11 October 2017, 2:51 PM
'My entire approach to KS3 has changed and my mindset has taken a huge shift in a direction of being more creative and innovative with what happens in the schemes of work, ultimately promoting a love of the subject, in turn leading to a clearer pathway to KS4.'

HIAS has been supporting project teams across the secondary curriculum over the past year in an innovative curriculum and assessment project. We are now offering the opportunity for existing project schools to continue in this work and for new schools to join to add their ideas and learn from colleagues who have been trailblazing this approach. Click here or on the subject link below to find out more about the 17/18 project group sessions.

ARRA1075 - English / ARRA1070  - Computing / ARRA1071  - RE / ARRA1072  - Geography / ARRA1073  - Mathematics / ARRA1074   - Art, Craft and Design / ARRA1076  - Science / ARRA1078  - History / ARRA1079  - Design and Technology / ARRA1080 - MFL