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Below school leaders can review the range of professional themes that could form part of your training and development plan for the use of part day sessions, whole days or sequences of workshops. These could be for individuals, small or whole staff groups, or groups of schools. Our skilled inspector/adviser team cover all aspects of leadership, curriculum and teaching in addition to specific education matters and issues. Our work is informed through our day to day contact with the best thinking in schools and colleges and therefore focuses on practices that work. It is also underpinned by our research and development in wider contexts. We are confident that we can meet your needs, and if not, then can perhaps signpost you to someone who can. We would be pleased to listen to your ideas and will help you wherever we can with good value solutions. We know impact matters to you as much as it matters to us.

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MATH0254MathematicsEYFS, Pri PageAssessment, Teaching and LearningNQT, RQT First StepsLearning Zone
MATH0273MathematicsPri, Sec PageCurriculum LeadershipSubject Lead  Learning Zone
MATH0232MathematicsPri, Sec PageCurriculum, Teaching and LearningNQT, RQT, Teacher, Subject Lead  Learning Zone
MATH0236MathematicsEYFS, Pri, Sec PageAssessment, Higher Attainers, Teaching and LearningNQT, RQT, Teacher, Subject Lead  Learning Zone
MATH0263   Page     
SCI4ScienceSec PageCurriculum, Teaching and LearningTeacher, Subject Lead  In-house
PPI1Pupil PremiumPri PageCurriculum, Data Management, Disadvantaged PupilsMiddle Leader, Senior Leader, Teacher, Subject Lead EnhancedIn-house
XXEE0316eLearn eTeachPri, Sec PageSIMS Training, Support StaffSupport StaffAdmin Learning Zone
PPI21Leadership and Management EYFS, Pri, Sec, Special PageSchool Leadership, Leadership, Teaching and LearningMiddle Leader, Subject Lead  In-house
ENGL41EnglishEYFS, Pri, Sec, Special PageCurriculum, Teaching and LearningTeacher, Subject Lead  In-house
ARTC0220ArtPri PageCurriculumCurriculum Lead, Teacher  Learning Zone
ART5ArtSec PageCurriculum, Teaching and LearningTeacher, Subject LeadTeaching Assistant In-house
RIDI0032Rights Respecting EducationEYFS, Pri, Sec, Special PageLeadershipHeadteacher  Learning Zone
SENC0075Special Educational NeedsEYFS, Pri, Sec, Special PageSENSENCo  Learning Zone
EMTA0049EMTASPri PageSafe Practice, School LeadershipHeadteacher, NQT, Teacher  Learning Zone
SCIE3887SciencePri PageCurriculum, Curriculum Leadership, Teaching and LearningTeacher, Subject Lead  Learning Zone
NEDH0007   Page     
NEDH0008NE Deputy Heads ProgrammePri PageSchool Leadership, LeadershipHeadteacher, Senior Leader  Learning Zone
NEDH0009NE Deputy Heads ProgrammePri PageSchool LeadershipHeadteacher, Senior Leader  Learning Zone
XXEE0334eLearn eTeachSec PageSIMS TrainingTeacher  Learning Zone
MATH22MathematicsPri PageHigher Attainers, InclusionTeacher, Subject LeadTeaching Assistant In-house
SSTP0017Support Staff Training ProgrammePri, Sec PageSupport StaffSupport Staff  Learning Zone
SSTP0019Support Staff Training ProgrammePri, Sec PageSupport StaffSupport Staff  Learning Zone
HTLM2179Leadership and Management Pri, Sec PageSchool LeadershipHeadteacher  Learning Zone
COMP0022ComputingPri, Sec PageCurriculum, Curriculum LeadershipCurriculum Lead, NQT, RQT, Teacher  Learning Zone
ENGL2018EnglishSec PageTeaching and LearningNQT, Teacher  Learning Zone
PDLC0077PDLPri, Sec, Special PageCurriculum LeadershipCurriculum Lead  Learning Zone
PDLC0080   Page     
PDLC0079   Page     
DATA0018Data ManagementSec PageData Management, School Leadership, LeadershipCurriculum Lead  Learning Zone
SSTP0005Support Staff Training ProgrammePri, Sec, Special PageSupport StaffSupport StaffAdmin Learning Zone
PHIL0014Philosophy / P4CPri, Sec, Special PageCurriculum, Curriculum Leadership, Pedagogy, School LeadershipCurriculum Lead, Headteacher, Middle Leader, Senior Leader, Teacher  Learning Zone
ENGL2030EnglishPri PageCurriculum, Teaching and LearningSupport Staff, Teacher  Learning Zone
ARTC0226ArtPri PageCurriculumRQT, Senior Leader  Learning Zone
RES6Religious EducationSec PageCurriculum, Teaching and LearningTeacher, Subject Lead  In-house
GEOG5GeographySec PageTeaching and LearningTeacher, Subject Lead  In-house
GEOG7GeographySec PageAssessment, Teaching and LearningTeacher, Subject Lead  In-house
SCIE3870SciencePri PageCurriculum, Curriculum LeadershipCurriculum Lead, Designated Teacher, Teacher  Learning Zone
MATH1MathematicsPri PageHigher Attainers, InclusionTeacher, Subject LeadTeaching Assistant In-house
MATH17MathematicsPri PageHigher Attainers, InclusionTeacher, Subject LeadTeaching Assistant In-house
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